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How does it work?

There​ ​is​ ​a​ ​9-point​ ​checklist​ ​on​ ​how​ ​your​ ​information​ ​is​ ​recorded​ ​that​ ​allows​ ​us​ ​to​ ​delete​ ​unverifiable​ ​information. Also,​ ​original​ ​documentation​ ​is​ ​requested​ ​to​ ​validate​ ​any​ ​debt​ ​and​ ​derogatory​ ​account​ ​which​ ​often​ ​times​ ​cannot be​ ​provided​ ​from​ ​the​ ​bureaus​ ​and​ ​allows​ ​deletion.​ ​Book your free consultation and we can see exactly what we can do for you!

How do I know that I can trust you?

We have helped thousands of people improve their credit and qualify for new homes, cars and other loans. We have a 4.8 out 5 star rating from over 2000 reviews on our Facebook page. And we are committed to delivering Top Flight service to all out customers.

What is the guarantee?

There​ ​is​ ​no​ ​guarantee​ ​on​ ​us​ ​removing​ ​any​ ​specific​ ​item,​ ​but​ ​what​ ​we​ ​can​ ​guarantee​ ​is​ ​your​ ​credit​ ​report​ ​and​ ​FICO score​ ​will​ ​improve​ ​or​ ​we​ ​will​ ​grant​ ​you​ ​a​ ​100%​ ​refund.​ ​There is nothing to lose, book your free consultation NOW!

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